Nefass from Mortuorial Eclipse on vocals an lyrics joined forces with John McEntee from Incantation and Alex Bouks from Immolation as part of ‘The First Line’. Also featuring Gonza Baal's on guitars (Demonized Priest, Tower Of Silence), Redouane Aouameur from Lelahell , Esteban Portero from Foscor on bass and Marco Prij (Cryptosis) on drums. Mixed by Martin Furia and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö at his Unisound Studios. The artwork has been done by Mark Berserk and the lyric video by Motus Insaniam. Enjoy, donate, take care of yourself and others if you can. We are Metal Against CoronaVirus.https://metalagainstcoronavirus.bandc...John McEntee - Vox (Incantation)Redouane Aouameur - Vox (Lelahell)Nefass - Vox & Lyrics (Mortuorial Eclipse)Alex Bouks - Guitar Solo (Immolation)Gonza Baal - Guitars (Demonized Priest/Tower Of Silence)Esteban Portero - Bass (FOSCOR)Marco Prij -Drums (Cryptosis)Mixed by Martin FuriaMastered by Dan Swanö Unisound ABArtwork by Mark BerserkLyric video by Motus Insaniam#metalagainstcoronavirus #deathmetal #thrashmetal


The First Line


Lyric – Nefass

Music – Gonza Baal


Nobody is safe from this threatening pest. 

Deadly omen, the graves encroach the fields

A whole world slave of desperation. 

Rotting slowly, the blood’s getting clot. 


One by One Nations fell on the knees

Dire wailings ,fateless outcome. 

The weakest must be abandoned to die.

Uncertain origin ,A morbid lockdown.


White dressed martyrs, slowly marching towards death.

A breathless end awaits.

You are the first line fighting in this war. 

We´re spreading the disease


Mankind fell victim of their greed. 

You are the first line in this war. 

A self-destruction call 


Funeral pyres to get rid of the human wastes.

Once the Pandemic strain catch you

you´ll be weeping and begging for death.


Isolation To Survive.

Collapse the entire world from day to night .

The coffins pile up  

into the halls of a desolated church.


One by One Nations fell on the knees.

Dire wailings ,fateless outcame. 

The weakest Must be abandoned to die.

Are we the origin?

Are they Doomed to perish in vain?


Metal against coronavirus is a creative project that calls for the participation of the entire international metal community to raise funds for the fight against coronavirus.

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Release Date : January 20, 2021
Format : Digital Download

Produced by Mortuorial Eclipse